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After Dark Series... Some Like it Fiya!

Hey Everyone!!!

The name of the game is reviews!

This month and next we'll be offering free books for reviews.
Basically all you have to do is visit any of our websites and blogs...

Choose the book that you want 48 titles to choose from..Paranormal to Historical... then email us your choice @                        

We're attempting to garner more reviews for Alexandria Infante and Aurele Parker. @ least 50 each lol.
So if you'd like to help us out and get a free book too, then come on ova! ;)
So, you get the freebie of your choice this month/next month...and all you have to do is tell us what you want...then leave a review on Amazon!
You can also check the news letter to see the new and upcoming releases...encase there is something you want there ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Din of Sin...

After Dark Series... Some Like it Fiya!

Hey Hay Hey!!!
It's me Multicultural!

Just a few updates.

Aurele is finished with Demon Says...and that fucking book was amazing. It took my sexy ass bf being there for me to finish this book, because all I wanted to do was get done; so be careful ladies if you aren't dating anyone, you may run Harvey's batteries out!

 thought we'd put out a new snippet from Den of Sin.
Aurele is almost done with I thought we'd stick up some juicy sexy ass fucking parts.
I can't wait to read this book!

I'm telling you...if it's anything like Demon Says...I'll probably need a case of batteries for when Jeff can't make it to my house because of class.

So, here's the snippet she sent me from 
Din tou Sin; Den of Sin

   As I entered his office on Monday morning, he had a very strange look on his face. The scruff from his weekend made him look even more strong virile man, and I wanted him to fuck me right there.
   I had forgone the weekend's excursion with the girls, having said that I wouldn't do it again since I found out that I actually worked for him.
I took a deep breath, then sighed as he pointed to the desk with the computer already set up on it; spread sheets and documents next to it.
    "Please be seated." He commanded and I nodded.
As I was about to take a seat he spoke.
    "Please remove your jacket, then open the first three buttons of your blouse." He demanded, I paused to look at him wide-eyed as if this was a joke; however he was frowning and the look was dead ass serious.
   I opened my mouth to protest, he looked at the phone, then glared at me all the more. I glared right back, hating the fact that he had the most amazing grey-blue eyes I had ever seen; even if he was an asshole!
    " may now take your seat." He stated, I sighed because not only was my bra showing, but an extreme amount of cleavage as well.
   He gave me that to die for grin as he pulled his chair up right in front of the glass desk.
 He then commenced to go around the office closing the blinds, and my brow rose in suspicion. When I heard the click of the lock on his office door, I felt my heartbeat speed up.
He striped off his slacks, unbuttoned his shirt, then took a seat in the chair across from me; all the while I was attempting to close my mouth.
    "Sir, this is highly..."
    "What...inappropriate? Here at Keller & Keller...I say what is inappropriate...or not. Now, the documents before you must go to the Secretary of State concerning our military contracts. It must be 100% correct, no typos, flaws or diction that may imply something other than what we specifically mean. For the very reason that typos can lead to many a fuck up with the military, something the American people do not want I assure they must be nearly verbatim." He stated, and I nodded a bit wide-eyed as he removed his shirt.
     "You may begin." He commanded, and I nodded as I began typing what was on the contract onto the computer screen.
After several minutes of typing, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked up, then gasped both wide-eyed and open mouth.
   There before me was his glorious cock stretching up, bouncing as if it were seeking applauds all on its own. He was in the process of stroking it into an erection, and my mouth dropped wider than I'm sure it had ever been.
     "Each time you look at must remove an article of clothing. I will have your blouse." He stated half grinning, then stood, and I don't think I had ever seen a shlong that fucking huge in my entire life!
He walked to the desk, then held his hand out motioning for me to rise. I frowned, but at the same time stifled the sigh of excitement as I rose to comply.
    I removed the blouse, he caressed my nipple through the fabric of the bra grinning slightly at my reaction, then he sucked his teeth as he saw the chemise. He frowned as he walked behind me.
    He looked at the computer screen, frowned again, then slightly shoved me forward to bend me over the desk.
I gasped as I felt my skirt rise, then the sting of his hand against my bare ass.
    "And for each mistake you make...I am allowed to punish you." He hissed, as he bent and licked his hand print.
I drew up completely mortified, huffed around to face him, wanting to slap that smug look off his face.
    "I never..."
    "Actually you did." He grinned even wider as he walked to his desk, retrieved the contract I'd sighed to work for Keller & Keller, and I gasped as I read the highlighted portion agreeing to any and all things that pertained to Jacob Keller both during and after business hours for an added $50,000 thousand bonus fee.
Fucking Shiza!
My brain cried as I sat down in my chair completely stunned, but as he moved to stand in front of my chair again; I felt the wetness between my thighs scream that I was fooling myself if I thought I could resist the sexiness of this man.
     "Shall we continue?" He grinned, I frowned, then nodded.
What else could I do?
It wasn't like I could say no!
   From that fucking contract not only could he sue me, but he could make it so I would never work in this field again!
I sighed as I watched him lightly stroke himself grinning up at me.
I would never in a million years let his pompous ass know that I seriously wanted him to bend me over the desk and fuck me right now.
   He resumed the seat before me, motioned towards the files, I nodded, then attempted in my best effort not to watch him jerk himself off in front of me.
The fucked up part though, this was one of my bucket list challenges!
I have always wanted to intently watch a man masturbate in front of me...and here I fucking couldn't!
I glanced up... his grin widened...and I quickly drew my eyes back to the page licking my lips.
His breathing was a complete fucking turn on.
   The killing part...was the fact that he whispered my name as he stroked himself, and that was my true test of ability.
I can do this!
   I screamed to myself as I saw that he was now at a crescendo in breathing.
His moans caused me to cross my legs, bit my lip...and nearly close my eyes just to keep that weighted aching feeling between my thighs at bay.
Concentrate Sed!
You got this!
   I yelled at myself as his breathing became erratic to match my own as well as my typing.
"Ahhh fucking shit!" He yelled as he came, and I swear my breathing stopped with his.
I placed my hands in my lap, then tried to control my own breathing before he noticed it.
He rose, tidied himself up, then slipped on his slacks and shoes.
I averted my eyes as he re-buttoned his shirt, then tucked it in after he fixed his tie.
   He waked to the desk, then read the document over my shoulder. He sucked on his teeth again, then motioned for me to rise.
    "You have great concentration Ised, which is a complete fucking turn on...however I've found three mistakes." He breathed into my ear, and my entire body tingled.
    "And what happens now?" My voice trembled as he drew his hand towards the small of my back.
   " must be punished of course." He grinned against my cheek, then bent me forward over the desk again. He lifted my skirt, his hand came down twice, and I gasped as the fire from the sting of his hand ran up my spine.
He ran his hand up my ass cheek, causing the stinging spot to take on a different sensation; as he drew his clothed hips against my stinging skin.
He sighed, allowed me to straightened, then moved away from me.
    "You may returned to your desk. I'll call if I find anymore errors. As well as...well I owe you for the one." He winked grinning, I sighed, then left his office hornier than I had ever been in my fucking life....

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The Games...Freebies!!!

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!


we've decided to restart the games Dec 1st.
We didn't get the response we we'll be focusing on one month only, and going from there.

From now until Dec. I'm offering 1 free book...your choice until the games begin, then I will be offering "Demon Says", and "She Said Fuck It" as prizes for the games in print copies.

If you have any questions, you can contact Jenny @

Thanks Guys...
Hope to see you there!

Coming Soon...

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!

Coming Soon....

Demon Says...

So I thought I'd try my hand at an Erotic Paranormal LOL!
Here's a Snippet for you (Unedited)
We will be releasing this one in December to begin the Games!

Demon Says...

Chapter One
Hollywood California...

I looked at Katherine and Jemica like they were crazy as they brought the owiga board out; then frowned at April and Samantha.
   “Are you fricken kidding me! Plus we are too damn old for that! It would just be my luck that a spirit would... show up. And I won't even mention the demonic aspect!” I cried backing up, and they both laughed.
   “Oh get over it Sim…this will be fun.” Samantha grinned, and so did April.
   “Come on, it'll be fun I promise. Maybe we can summon a fuck buddy for you!” April countered dragging me towards the sofa laughing, and I shoved her.
I sighed as I accepted the glass of wine, then plopped down on the floor next to them.


After 20minutes of Jemica attempting in her best Madame Cleo’s voice to summon something I was done; not to mention it was getting late.
   “Well chicas...I'm off. I have work tomorrow.”
   “But I thought you were off on Saturdays?” April countered as we rose.
   “Normally I am, but Jessica asked if I would open the library for her tomorrow because of some personal stuff.” I said pushing up my glasses, then snatched up my coat.
   “Live just a little Sim! You’re 33 years old, and all you do is work in that fricken library! When is the last time you even had sex!” Samantha wailed and I sighed.

Here we go again....
Like 33 was basically an old spinster!
But I was not going to stay for this fight tonight.
   “Yeah...yeah…gotta go! Maybe one of you can summon up a sex demon...and I won't have to worry about it.” I cried over my shoulder as I shot out the front door before any of them could comment.

25minutes Later
West Hollywood California

When I reached my apartment I sighed as I threw my jacket on the chair, then headed for my wine cabinet in the kitchen. I frowned as I placed the left overs from our Friday night hash on the counter, then reached for the bottle of Chardonnay sighing for what seemed like the 100th time.
   I was so horny I was sure that my clit would go into convulsions with one simple touch. I also was certain there would be no straining tonight.
I frowned again as I poured the wine thinking about Samantha's comments.
I wasn't a spinster...well not much.
I loved sex
Hell I had every kind of toy one could be fucked with; however it was what came attached to that certain "pole" that I was less than impressed with.
   Dating just didn't seem like the thing for me right now, and a lover was out of the question with the work that I was doing.
I sighed again as I downed the glass of Chardonnay, placed the glass on the counter, then walked towards my bedroom. would be nice if I could just snap my fingers and some hulking sexy as fuck man showed up...with a pole that would make a cowgirl ache to ride it.

I looked towards my dresser, sighed, then shook my head.
I looked in the mirror as I began to shed my clothes, and to me there was nothing wrong with me!

I removed my glasses, and it seemed as if my cinnamon brown eyes held a sparkle. I didn't have the flat hard abs that most dudes crave on a woman nowadays, it was more of a realistic pouch; which I believed added softness to my body.

My shoulder length dark brown hair still held a few of its highlights from three summers ago, and my body seemed okay to me.
I had what the brothers like to call ass fo days!
I just chalked it up to my Puerto Rican and African-American backgrounds.
My breast were still perky although big; but these 44cs could still catch a man's eyes.
I sighed, stripped off my underwear, then headed towards the shower.

hour later…

I stretched, put the book down, finished my wine, then snuggled down into my comforter…happy at the buzz I'd caught.

Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness...I heard a noise, frowned, groaned, then opened my eyes expecting to see Manny my cat.
I scrambled up from the bed, then choked on the scream.
   “I will not harm you…at least for now.” He grinned, and if my eyes could get any wider...they did.
   “Who are you?” I whispered as I felt my heart slowly creeping into my throat.
   “Kasari.” He returned and I frowned.
   “And what the fuck are you doing in my house Kasari?” I snapped, and he had the nerve to grin.
   “Hummm...that word Fuck...seems you summoned me?” He grinned even wider and I choked on air.
   “Ahhh...noo...I didn’t!” I screeched and sat straight up in the bed.
   “If we must play semantics...then didn't your friends did. However seeing that you are nearly virginal in state....I figured....” He stated shrugging, and I gasped.
   "You figured what?" I wailed snatching the comforter closer to me, he laughed again, and for some crazy ass reason it made my cunt jump for joy and my eyes widened in shock!

It was then that I finally took notice of him!

His body was chiseled in muscles...and I mean that sexy fucking kind where you run your hand down them, and your cunt gets so wet that you can't wait to be holding them against you as he fucks you.
He also had dark hair a bit past his shoulders and sky blue eyes.
I took a closer look...and wtf floated from my lips...because he was red!

I also noticed the two tiny horns on the top of his head, and simply stared at him wide eyed and open mouthed.
   "Motherfucker!" I whispered wide eyed, he grinned, and it was sexy as fuck.
   "I have been known to. However, if this appearance bothers you I can change it." He stated, and was immediately sitting before me as if he were an normal Caucasian guy.
   "Okay...but why are you here? I didn't summon you! I'm not that stupid!" I wailed and he laughed again.
   "Yes, that I can see...therefore I am restricted to your will. I daresay I am not fond of that." He mentioned as he drew his long nail up my thigh, and it was a combination of both pleasure and pain.
   "And what exactly does that mean?" I quipped swallowing hard as he continued to trace small patterns on my thigh with his extended nail.
   "Because you...did not summon me...I can only do what "you" will. I cannot be my usual self." He stated, brought his hand up to my left breast, caressed it, then pinched my nipple. I moaned, then shivered just a bit as I suddenly saw what appeared to be fire behind his eyes.
His grin grew, then suddenly turned into a frown.
   "And I can see by your reaction that you would have been most receptive." He sighed, then looked me in the eyes and I felt that same shiver.
   "Oh well...there is always this." He shrugged, snatched me towards him, jerked off my undies in one movement; and this time I did scream as he buried his face in my cunt.
"Motherfuckenhell!" I screamed in pleasure, because I had never...and I mean never felt a mouth as hot as his!

   "I take it you like this?" He questioned, and all I could do was gasp for breath as he slipped three of his fingers into my extremely wet hot cunt as he sopped it up like he was a dying man.
   He rotated his tongue, sucked my clit into his mouth, and the breath I'd been holding escaped me on a scream as his fingers continued to fuck me.
His tongue surged forward inside of me and my breath caught as he curled it up under the tip of my clit and that was all she wrote for me. I came harder than I had ever in my entire life screaming fuck in succession.
   As I lay there panting he wiped his mouth, grinned down on me, then stepped back.
   "That do ye say...ah yes a freebie."
   "Mea...ning." I panted looking up at him as he suddenly leaned in so that we were eye to eye. He was so close that I was unable to draw back.
   "It was my gift to you...however...there is a price."
   "And that is?" I countered frowning.
   "You are not this or me right now. However, if at any think about this..." His grin grew as he waved his hand around the room, then seized the biggest...and I mean biggest cock that I had ever seen between a man's legs grinning. "You then become obligated to me...and my will." He stated, and I would swear I saw that fire behind his eyes again.

   "So let me get this straight. I can have this..." I pointed between my legs as they continued to shake and he nodded. "For as long as I want, whenever I want, and am not obligated by it." I questioned.
   "Yes, I will come each night...give you this tongue as you wish...yet the moment ye imagine my cock fucking then belong to me." He confirmed and I frowned confused.
   "Okay, but that makes no sense. I can think about your tongue fucking me all I want, but the minute I think about that big ass shlong of yours...I belong to you? And what does that mean exactly...I belong to you. As in my soul?" I cried, he laughed, then shook his head.
   "No...I am not that kind of demon..."
   "Demon!" I screeched again and he chuckled.
   "I had assumed the red skin would have made it quite evident sweetheart."
   "Fine, anyway explain. I know ye demons can be quite crafty. " I countered mocking him, and I would swear that a fleeting look of pain crossed his features.
   "Very well, ye can have my tongue anytime you wish. Whether it be night or day. Actually anywhere ye wish, it is your will that shall make it so. I am your servant. However, the moment ye imagine my cock fucking ye, being inside of ye, ye riding it, sucking it, the way it feels to glide inside of ye, the ridges, the sheer magnitude of it fucking ye breathless..." 
He paused grinning as I closed my eyes, my body began to tingle, and my hand ached to touch my swollen clit. 

I shook myself, then snapped out of it.

I see how he worked now!
Just like I thought...tricky bastard.

I frowned and his grin grew wider as he shrugged.
   "Anyway...what happens if I do?"
   "You belong to me." He stated and again I saw that fucking fire!
   "You've said that. And that means?" I snapped, he smiled this time, and it didn't seem so sinister.
He sat down on the bed, caressed the side of my face, then gently kissed my lips.
   "I get to do as I will." He suddenly hissed, his fingers tightened in my hair, and the kiss he gave me took my breath away as it burned my lips.
   " to sleep with you." He grinned, gave me a quick kiss, then disappeared.

I looked around my bedroom and nothing was changed.

The room was the same, I was the same, but it was still somehow different.

   "What the fuck have they done!"
I moaned, then threw myself back on the bed.

There was no way in hell I wouldn't think about his...

   "Oh no you don't!" I yelled and could have sworn I heard laughter. "Asshole!" I grumbled, then commence to snuggle down into the comforter and think about my little ponies.
   "Awe, you're no fun." He chuckled, but I tuned him out willing myself to sleep.

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Games Update...

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!

The Games have Begun...

So my sister from another mother and author buddy Alexandria Infante informed me that Jenny Ipp (our PA) just text to let her know that we're having issues with the sites .

Check out the News Letter to get info on the blogs and how the games will be played from now on. For readers signed up for the news letter, you will receive an updated version some time tonight.

The games have already begun, so make sure you head over there for this week's prize info.


what we're going to do is have you post your answers on Alexandria Infante's FaceBook Author page instead; ( I don't have one yet) (
However, you will have to actually like the page before you can least we think LOL.

Each week readers can log onto the blogs here to get that week's challenge. Follow the instructions...then post your comments on the Author Page for Alexandria Infante (

This goes for both me and Alexandria Infante.
Her challenges are a much more tame than mine lol!

Please contact either me, Alexandria Infante or Jenny Ipp if you have any questions @

Get yo play on!!!

Examples of This week's Gift...from Me!

Yippee!!! Finally!

After Dark Series... Some Like it Fiya!

And Let the Games Begin!!!

For our First Game....

This week starting; September 26th 2016

For a Chance to Win this Week's Fall Gift Basket....(winners will be chosen every Sunday)

You have an entire week to post...some get them in quick...and just have some fun with it!

Your Task:

Post a Picture of something you find sexy.
It doesn't necessarily have to be dirty...(all the better though ;)lol)...but definitely sexy.

Then let us know what you actually do with it.
It can be toys...
What's sexy to you...(Me I love for the guy to bite my neck...just as he's entering me)

But you better bring it sexy...because we're looking for the sexiest...
(Must be your own...not from a

Post all pictures in the comment section of this thread. ;)
Let's have some fun!!!

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Game Delays...

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!

So sorry my lovelies!

Relocated from New York back to California, and with obtaining a new job, car, house has been crazy! But I promise I will begin them next week, so stay tuned.

 Let the Games 

Starting Sept 25th 2016

Lots of  Giveaways...

Free Prizes...Free Ebooks...Print and much much more!

So stop on by our blogs!
If you haven't signed up for our email 

News letter... simply email us 

tell us you want to inter the fun...and that's it! But I promise I will begin them next week, so stay tuned.

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Hey Hey Hey~

After Dark Series...
Some like it Fiya!

So hey everyone!

We're getting ready for the games, so we want to do a little tester.
Please post a comment...your pic...and where you're from, so that we can get a feel on how the site is going to act on the day the games begin.

I'm not sure what's going on with the subscribe button, but we have it has to work.
Please just try again, and if it doesn't contact either me...Jenny IP or Mini @ and let us know.

In order to play the games, you'll have to have subscribed to the blog, so that we have an email record of your please do that a.s.a.p.

Also, don't forget to post on this thread.

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Note to the Reader...

Sexy Erouic wit some Latina Sizzle...
Home of That's the Way She Wants It!

Just a little note:

With the awesome games coming soon, if we do not have your email address...sorry but you will not be allowed to play (Mini's Rules...not mine)

We will be picking random emails during the if we don't have yours...then you can't win!

If you do not want to be on our news letter, simply email us stating that you do not want to recieve the news letter, but we can keep your email.

That way you can still win!

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Let the Games Begin!!!

Some like it Fiya!
After Dark Romances...
Home of Take it Like a Woman

Starting  Sept 5, 2016 📆
We'll begin the games ⚽ on our blogs💻...and websites; with our first holiday giveaway being🔧 Labor Day...

(For those of you who belong to All things Alie...we will be closing the group at the end of this month; and maybe even our paranormal romance group too😂). 

We'll have all sorts of games...with prizes🎁 ranging from Amazon Gift Cards💳...Body Works baskets🎀 Free Print Books📖 ect...and awesome gifts and prizes from the coming holiday seasons🎃🎄🎊. (We seriously can't wait for Halloween!🎃)

So if you haven't sighed up for our maling list...📑 or you did...but haven't received our news letter 📰 yet ...ya better catch🏃 Jenny IP 💁now before the games 🏀begin! (Sometimes we may  select winners by emails for random mid game gifts)
To see Our Newest News Letter...

To join our email mail list...

The games will go up on each of the blogs and websites Sept 4th 2016. We will pick one winner from each; so you have six chances to win 😉

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Don't Let Your Chance Slip Away!!!

Some Like it Hot!
After Dark Series...

Hey all!

Hurry hurry!!!

You have two days left to get this month's freebies!

Simply subscribe and follow the blog and they're yours👄

Just a little gift from us...💜💙💚💛👌

Or for the more direct route...simply follow the blog; then email us at

Sometimes it can take days for us to get the post from the blogs...

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My Progress...

The Dark Side that Sizzles...
Home of Take it Like a Woman...

Nearly finished with She Said F*** It!

Total blast to be writing this, I get to delve into my dark sexual side lol.

Hope you guys like it!

Next week for Snippet Thursday I'll be posting snippets from our two up coming serials.
Remember, this is not a full length book, they are merely serials...on just some sexy fun.
But the point of the serial is to focus on the fcat that plane sex, whether good, amazing nor not...never trumps True Love ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WTH! Still!

The Softer Side of Alie...
Home of Chef's Like it Hot!


Still having site issues, they can't figure why it isn't letting anyone subscribe!
And frankly its pissing me off!

So if you are looking for this month's freebies...
That's the Way He Wants It!

Then what you'll have to do until we get it fixed is email us directly for your free copy.
We're not doing Amazon, because we aren't a part of the kindle select program.

Simply email us at tell us which book you want, and we'll get it right out to you in mobie form.

Thanks Guys for bearing with us. Hopefully the problem will be fixed this week!


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Site issues...bear with us...

Some Like it Hot...
Home of That's the Way She Wants It!

seems we're having a bit of trouble with the darn links!
We've informed the admins of the sites, so let's hope that works.

As for collecting your freebies this month lol, you can just email us and inform us as to which book you want, and we'll get it out to you until the sites are fixed.

As well, by emailing us, it automatically enters you for our mailing list...giveaways...prizes...freebies...and so much more.

Hope to hear from you all ;)

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News Letter!!!

Some Like it Hott!!!
Home of Take it Like a Woman...

Hello hello!
Dropping in to do a lil update.

It's official!
We launched our first ever news letter!
Each month we'll let you guys in on and much more.
Simply post your email...or message it to us and you're in like Flynn!

To subscribe just email us, state mail list, and if you didn't get your free book...with your email and you're all good.

Just a lil appreciation to our loyal readers!♡♡♡
And don't forget about the freebies this month!☆☆☆

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snippet Thursday!!!


Been working hard on She Said F*** It!
So I thought I'd Post a Snippet...
Hope You Enjoy....

Chapter One
Staten Island…

I hated all things Staten Island, but I needed a bit on anonymity.
I needed a random hot nasty fuck, and nothing else.
So attempting to do that in Manhattan, where everyone in a five mile radius pretty much knew, or had met each other at some point; wasn’t what I was looking for.
For all I knew, I could see my random fuck in my boardroom next week, and I wasn’t having that!
So I’d dressed up in my trick gear, then drove all the way out to bum fucked ville to get my freak on.
I’d picked this quaint little bar off the road to nowhere, and was happy for it.
This wasn’t my usual steylo.
I was a good girl at heart, but for the last year, I just needed a constant fuck, with no strings attached.
How else would I work out the tension?
I didn’t want a Boyfriend, FWB, Hook Up or anything like that.
I just needed a random nasty fuck every now and then to get me back on track at least once a month.
Harvey and his six speeds sufficed for the duration afterwards.
Not to mention, as crazy as it seemed, there was something both frightening, and exciting in fucking some random guy that I would never see again in my life!

Russle Bar…

 Which was why I picked places like this.
I sighed as I scanned the bar.
There were several prospects too.
The dark blonde in the corner, who’d lifted his glass to me with a Hollywood white smile, looked very promising. He looked to be about 6’1 even seated, muscled lean build, board shoulders; and from the confidence in his smile, probably good in bed.
However, I suddenly wondered why he was sitting alone in the dark part of the bar. I sighed, then shook my head because it was so me.
I wanted something different
I looked the other way, noticed the Chocolate dream in the business suit, returned his smile slightly, and he and his friends tilted their glasses to me.
Sexy, probably very well endowed from the grin, but I shook my head again.
That too was too much me as well.
Not to mention, I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that he had three friends with him.
Wasn’t trying to get into a gang bang.
There was a loud commotion, I turned towards the double doors, then witnessed this huge ass man walked through the door, holding a much smaller man by the back of the neck.
He plopped the man down at the bar, then took up the seat directly next to him. He ordered two beers from the bartender, and I noticed that the bartender hurried to do the man’s bidding.
I watched with much interest now, as they began to converse. The bartender served the beers, then quickly moved away.
“Vigo, I promise, I’ll have it in the morning! As soon as the bank opens.” The man wailed, my eyes widened, then I was like Oh shit!
That had Russian Mafia written all over it!
I wasn’t touching that shit, even if he was six kinds of ass spanking hot!
His shoulder length jet black hair seemed to caress the tips of his shoulders, gently swaying this way and that as he nodded to the bartender, then to one of his goons.
His upper body was encased, because he wasn’t just wearing the suit coat, in what I would swear had to be Armani.
His broad shoulders and forearms stated that he was not a man to be trifled with, at least and live to tell it.
Everything about him screamed virile sexy man!
And believe me; my hot little cunt was felling every bit of it radiating out from him.
I sighed, then shook my head again.
I was so not about to fuck with A Russian Mafia crime boss.
I did have my limits, and getting shot, caught up in some bullshit, or simply catching a case was out of the question for me, even if he was come fuck me hot!
As he looked up, it was as if all at once he noticed me, and I almost gasped wide-eyed at the intensity of his grey eyes.
Eyes so grey…that they almost appeared white.
He smiled, nodded, then turned his attention back to the man.
I felt the shudder go through my body, just from the one look, seized my drink, then killed it.
I rose, then saw out of the corner of my eye that he’d called one of his goon over to him.
I placed my money on the bar, smiled at the bartender, pulled my dress down, then commenced to toss my hair and make my way to the double doors.
As I reached them, the goon bared my way, and I frowned up at him.
“Mr. Gortsky want one word with beautiful small woman.” He stated smiling down on me, and I frowned.
“Then if he does, tell him to get up off his ass and ask me himself.” I snapped, moved him from my path, which was a serious feat, because he had to be at least 6’2 and I was 5’2, then walked out the double doors.
I laughed to myself at the look on his face, tossed my hair behind me and continued on to my car.
As I searched my purse for my keys, a voice rang out.
“I like beautiful woman with sass.” He said, and I whirled around to see him sauntering across the parking lot towards me.
He paused when he was directly in front of me, grinning down on me.
“Which is?”
“Spend one night with Vigo, name price and he will pay.” He grinned even wider; I frowned, then turned away from him.
I wasn’t some kind of fucking hoe!
Had he just said he wanted to fuck me, I would have readily agreed, because I wanted it just as much.
But for the fact that he’d placed a value on it killed my mood.
“I’m good.” I said, unlocked the door, when he turned me, scooped me up, then sat me on the hood of my car.
“Have you lost yo…”
“Shush. We want same. I could tell from Krasivyye korichnevyye sireny’s look in Vigo’s direction. Vigo sorry if he offend beautiful brown one by offering money.”
I frowned slightly, because I had no clue what he’d just called me.
“Say you do not wish to fuck Vigo, and I let go and allow to leave.” He whispered as he stepped into me, drew his fingers through my now tussled hair, then drew me to him.
The heady scent of him enveloped me, making me feel lightheaded, and I had to seriously stifle the moan from the heat that radiated out from him.
“I could fuck you here, right now on hood of car. Vigo would revel in that, however, Vigo think brown goddess not like.” He stated, lifted me into his arms, kicked my car door closed, seized my purse, then marched back into the bar carrying me, up the stairs, then to a back bedroom.
“This one chance for goddess to say no?” He questioned grinning down on me.
As I looked up into his face, the masculinity of it seemed to slam me in the chest as I got a good look at him.
Ass spanking hot was for young men, this was a man, strong and true.
And I realized at that moment, everything in me wanted him no matter the cost.
Not only were the eyes amazing, but the chiseled features struck something in me, and Crime Boss be damned; I said Fuck it!
I was optimistic that I wouldn’t come to regret it!
He grinned, then began ripping his clothes off…

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Coming Soon...

Some Like it Fiya 
After Dark series...

Well hey everyone!


Working hard on the new releases...

She Said F*** It
Like a Lolly Pop
The Three Amigos...

Can't wait to release them...

Remember...although this series is straight up sex...its also about finding love when you least expect it.

The new releases will hit November 2016...

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Dirty After Dark Series...
Aurele Parker
Some Like it Hot!!

Hey everyone!

 So I decided to actually make a blog for the
Basically it'll be updates...freebies...coming soons...and how we're actually going to go with this series.

Since its a bit more steamy then the rest of my books...we needed to use a pen name hajaha, due to the fact that I be's a teacher! Lol.

Even thought I teach at the college level...and it is usually not a problem, however in summer months I've been known to take a K-12 spot...and that's a def no-no!

So this series will get to the nitty-gritty of it.
I don't hold back in language and content.

Like this blog, the books will def be 18+ due to subject matter.

Next in the series...

She Said Fuck It!
In my efforts to bring you the very best...
I will be visiting an underground sex club...muhahahah, because its what the new book will be about...the swinger life.
I'm hoping to not only have fun...but get lots....and lots...and lots...of info!

Also we'll be doing a three man crew...
The Three Amigos ( sooo a working title lol)
Where we'll feature three bad boys...their sexual escapades...and the women they finally fall for ;)

So stay tuned...get sexy...and enjoy...

Auri out ;)