Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snippet Thursday!!!


Been working hard on She Said F*** It!
So I thought I'd Post a Snippet...
Hope You Enjoy....

Chapter One
Staten Island…

I hated all things Staten Island, but I needed a bit on anonymity.
I needed a random hot nasty fuck, and nothing else.
So attempting to do that in Manhattan, where everyone in a five mile radius pretty much knew, or had met each other at some point; wasn’t what I was looking for.
For all I knew, I could see my random fuck in my boardroom next week, and I wasn’t having that!
So I’d dressed up in my trick gear, then drove all the way out to bum fucked ville to get my freak on.
I’d picked this quaint little bar off the road to nowhere, and was happy for it.
This wasn’t my usual steylo.
I was a good girl at heart, but for the last year, I just needed a constant fuck, with no strings attached.
How else would I work out the tension?
I didn’t want a Boyfriend, FWB, Hook Up or anything like that.
I just needed a random nasty fuck every now and then to get me back on track at least once a month.
Harvey and his six speeds sufficed for the duration afterwards.
Not to mention, as crazy as it seemed, there was something both frightening, and exciting in fucking some random guy that I would never see again in my life!

Russle Bar…

 Which was why I picked places like this.
I sighed as I scanned the bar.
There were several prospects too.
The dark blonde in the corner, who’d lifted his glass to me with a Hollywood white smile, looked very promising. He looked to be about 6’1 even seated, muscled lean build, board shoulders; and from the confidence in his smile, probably good in bed.
However, I suddenly wondered why he was sitting alone in the dark part of the bar. I sighed, then shook my head because it was so me.
I wanted something different
I looked the other way, noticed the Chocolate dream in the business suit, returned his smile slightly, and he and his friends tilted their glasses to me.
Sexy, probably very well endowed from the grin, but I shook my head again.
That too was too much me as well.
Not to mention, I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that he had three friends with him.
Wasn’t trying to get into a gang bang.
There was a loud commotion, I turned towards the double doors, then witnessed this huge ass man walked through the door, holding a much smaller man by the back of the neck.
He plopped the man down at the bar, then took up the seat directly next to him. He ordered two beers from the bartender, and I noticed that the bartender hurried to do the man’s bidding.
I watched with much interest now, as they began to converse. The bartender served the beers, then quickly moved away.
“Vigo, I promise, I’ll have it in the morning! As soon as the bank opens.” The man wailed, my eyes widened, then I was like Oh shit!
That had Russian Mafia written all over it!
I wasn’t touching that shit, even if he was six kinds of ass spanking hot!
His shoulder length jet black hair seemed to caress the tips of his shoulders, gently swaying this way and that as he nodded to the bartender, then to one of his goons.
His upper body was encased, because he wasn’t just wearing the suit coat, in what I would swear had to be Armani.
His broad shoulders and forearms stated that he was not a man to be trifled with, at least and live to tell it.
Everything about him screamed virile sexy man!
And believe me; my hot little cunt was felling every bit of it radiating out from him.
I sighed, then shook my head again.
I was so not about to fuck with A Russian Mafia crime boss.
I did have my limits, and getting shot, caught up in some bullshit, or simply catching a case was out of the question for me, even if he was come fuck me hot!
As he looked up, it was as if all at once he noticed me, and I almost gasped wide-eyed at the intensity of his grey eyes.
Eyes so grey…that they almost appeared white.
He smiled, nodded, then turned his attention back to the man.
I felt the shudder go through my body, just from the one look, seized my drink, then killed it.
I rose, then saw out of the corner of my eye that he’d called one of his goon over to him.
I placed my money on the bar, smiled at the bartender, pulled my dress down, then commenced to toss my hair and make my way to the double doors.
As I reached them, the goon bared my way, and I frowned up at him.
“Mr. Gortsky want one word with beautiful small woman.” He stated smiling down on me, and I frowned.
“Then if he does, tell him to get up off his ass and ask me himself.” I snapped, moved him from my path, which was a serious feat, because he had to be at least 6’2 and I was 5’2, then walked out the double doors.
I laughed to myself at the look on his face, tossed my hair behind me and continued on to my car.
As I searched my purse for my keys, a voice rang out.
“I like beautiful woman with sass.” He said, and I whirled around to see him sauntering across the parking lot towards me.
He paused when he was directly in front of me, grinning down on me.
“Which is?”
“Spend one night with Vigo, name price and he will pay.” He grinned even wider; I frowned, then turned away from him.
I wasn’t some kind of fucking hoe!
Had he just said he wanted to fuck me, I would have readily agreed, because I wanted it just as much.
But for the fact that he’d placed a value on it killed my mood.
“I’m good.” I said, unlocked the door, when he turned me, scooped me up, then sat me on the hood of my car.
“Have you lost yo…”
“Shush. We want same. I could tell from Krasivyye korichnevyye sireny’s look in Vigo’s direction. Vigo sorry if he offend beautiful brown one by offering money.”
I frowned slightly, because I had no clue what he’d just called me.
“Say you do not wish to fuck Vigo, and I let go and allow to leave.” He whispered as he stepped into me, drew his fingers through my now tussled hair, then drew me to him.
The heady scent of him enveloped me, making me feel lightheaded, and I had to seriously stifle the moan from the heat that radiated out from him.
“I could fuck you here, right now on hood of car. Vigo would revel in that, however, Vigo think brown goddess not like.” He stated, lifted me into his arms, kicked my car door closed, seized my purse, then marched back into the bar carrying me, up the stairs, then to a back bedroom.
“This one chance for goddess to say no?” He questioned grinning down on me.
As I looked up into his face, the masculinity of it seemed to slam me in the chest as I got a good look at him.
Ass spanking hot was for young men, this was a man, strong and true.
And I realized at that moment, everything in me wanted him no matter the cost.
Not only were the eyes amazing, but the chiseled features struck something in me, and Crime Boss be damned; I said Fuck it!
I was optimistic that I wouldn’t come to regret it!
He grinned, then began ripping his clothes off…

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