Monday, September 26, 2016

Games Update...

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!

The Games have Begun...

So my sister from another mother and author buddy Alexandria Infante informed me that Jenny Ipp (our PA) just text to let her know that we're having issues with the sites .

Check out the News Letter to get info on the blogs and how the games will be played from now on. For readers signed up for the news letter, you will receive an updated version some time tonight.

The games have already begun, so make sure you head over there for this week's prize info.


what we're going to do is have you post your answers on Alexandria Infante's FaceBook Author page instead; ( I don't have one yet) (
However, you will have to actually like the page before you can least we think LOL.

Each week readers can log onto the blogs here to get that week's challenge. Follow the instructions...then post your comments on the Author Page for Alexandria Infante (

This goes for both me and Alexandria Infante.
Her challenges are a much more tame than mine lol!

Please contact either me, Alexandria Infante or Jenny Ipp if you have any questions @

Get yo play on!!!

Examples of This week's Gift...from Me!

Yippee!!! Finally!

After Dark Series... Some Like it Fiya!

And Let the Games Begin!!!

For our First Game....

This week starting; September 26th 2016

For a Chance to Win this Week's Fall Gift Basket....(winners will be chosen every Sunday)

You have an entire week to post...some get them in quick...and just have some fun with it!

Your Task:

Post a Picture of something you find sexy.
It doesn't necessarily have to be dirty...(all the better though ;)lol)...but definitely sexy.

Then let us know what you actually do with it.
It can be toys...
What's sexy to you...(Me I love for the guy to bite my neck...just as he's entering me)

But you better bring it sexy...because we're looking for the sexiest...
(Must be your own...not from a

Post all pictures in the comment section of this thread. ;)
Let's have some fun!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Game Delays...

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!

So sorry my lovelies!

Relocated from New York back to California, and with obtaining a new job, car, house has been crazy! But I promise I will begin them next week, so stay tuned.

 Let the Games 

Starting Sept 25th 2016

Lots of  Giveaways...

Free Prizes...Free Ebooks...Print and much much more!

So stop on by our blogs!
If you haven't signed up for our email 

News letter... simply email us 

tell us you want to inter the fun...and that's it! But I promise I will begin them next week, so stay tuned.