Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Games...Freebies!!!

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!


we've decided to restart the games Dec 1st.
We didn't get the response we we'll be focusing on one month only, and going from there.

From now until Dec. I'm offering 1 free book...your choice until the games begin, then I will be offering "Demon Says", and "She Said Fuck It" as prizes for the games in print copies.

If you have any questions, you can contact Jenny @

Thanks Guys...
Hope to see you there!

Coming Soon...

After Dark Series...
Some Like it Fiya!

Coming Soon....

Demon Says...

So I thought I'd try my hand at an Erotic Paranormal LOL!
Here's a Snippet for you (Unedited)
We will be releasing this one in December to begin the Games!

Demon Says...

Chapter One
Hollywood California...

I looked at Katherine and Jemica like they were crazy as they brought the owiga board out; then frowned at April and Samantha.
   “Are you fricken kidding me! Plus we are too damn old for that! It would just be my luck that a spirit would... show up. And I won't even mention the demonic aspect!” I cried backing up, and they both laughed.
   “Oh get over it Sim…this will be fun.” Samantha grinned, and so did April.
   “Come on, it'll be fun I promise. Maybe we can summon a fuck buddy for you!” April countered dragging me towards the sofa laughing, and I shoved her.
I sighed as I accepted the glass of wine, then plopped down on the floor next to them.


After 20minutes of Jemica attempting in her best Madame Cleo’s voice to summon something I was done; not to mention it was getting late.
   “Well chicas...I'm off. I have work tomorrow.”
   “But I thought you were off on Saturdays?” April countered as we rose.
   “Normally I am, but Jessica asked if I would open the library for her tomorrow because of some personal stuff.” I said pushing up my glasses, then snatched up my coat.
   “Live just a little Sim! You’re 33 years old, and all you do is work in that fricken library! When is the last time you even had sex!” Samantha wailed and I sighed.

Here we go again....
Like 33 was basically an old spinster!
But I was not going to stay for this fight tonight.
   “Yeah...yeah…gotta go! Maybe one of you can summon up a sex demon...and I won't have to worry about it.” I cried over my shoulder as I shot out the front door before any of them could comment.

25minutes Later
West Hollywood California

When I reached my apartment I sighed as I threw my jacket on the chair, then headed for my wine cabinet in the kitchen. I frowned as I placed the left overs from our Friday night hash on the counter, then reached for the bottle of Chardonnay sighing for what seemed like the 100th time.
   I was so horny I was sure that my clit would go into convulsions with one simple touch. I also was certain there would be no straining tonight.
I frowned again as I poured the wine thinking about Samantha's comments.
I wasn't a spinster...well not much.
I loved sex
Hell I had every kind of toy one could be fucked with; however it was what came attached to that certain "pole" that I was less than impressed with.
   Dating just didn't seem like the thing for me right now, and a lover was out of the question with the work that I was doing.
I sighed again as I downed the glass of Chardonnay, placed the glass on the counter, then walked towards my bedroom. would be nice if I could just snap my fingers and some hulking sexy as fuck man showed up...with a pole that would make a cowgirl ache to ride it.

I looked towards my dresser, sighed, then shook my head.
I looked in the mirror as I began to shed my clothes, and to me there was nothing wrong with me!

I removed my glasses, and it seemed as if my cinnamon brown eyes held a sparkle. I didn't have the flat hard abs that most dudes crave on a woman nowadays, it was more of a realistic pouch; which I believed added softness to my body.

My shoulder length dark brown hair still held a few of its highlights from three summers ago, and my body seemed okay to me.
I had what the brothers like to call ass fo days!
I just chalked it up to my Puerto Rican and African-American backgrounds.
My breast were still perky although big; but these 44cs could still catch a man's eyes.
I sighed, stripped off my underwear, then headed towards the shower.

hour later…

I stretched, put the book down, finished my wine, then snuggled down into my comforter…happy at the buzz I'd caught.

Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness...I heard a noise, frowned, groaned, then opened my eyes expecting to see Manny my cat.
I scrambled up from the bed, then choked on the scream.
   “I will not harm you…at least for now.” He grinned, and if my eyes could get any wider...they did.
   “Who are you?” I whispered as I felt my heart slowly creeping into my throat.
   “Kasari.” He returned and I frowned.
   “And what the fuck are you doing in my house Kasari?” I snapped, and he had the nerve to grin.
   “Hummm...that word Fuck...seems you summoned me?” He grinned even wider and I choked on air.
   “Ahhh...noo...I didn’t!” I screeched and sat straight up in the bed.
   “If we must play semantics...then didn't your friends did. However seeing that you are nearly virginal in state....I figured....” He stated shrugging, and I gasped.
   "You figured what?" I wailed snatching the comforter closer to me, he laughed again, and for some crazy ass reason it made my cunt jump for joy and my eyes widened in shock!

It was then that I finally took notice of him!

His body was chiseled in muscles...and I mean that sexy fucking kind where you run your hand down them, and your cunt gets so wet that you can't wait to be holding them against you as he fucks you.
He also had dark hair a bit past his shoulders and sky blue eyes.
I took a closer look...and wtf floated from my lips...because he was red!

I also noticed the two tiny horns on the top of his head, and simply stared at him wide eyed and open mouthed.
   "Motherfucker!" I whispered wide eyed, he grinned, and it was sexy as fuck.
   "I have been known to. However, if this appearance bothers you I can change it." He stated, and was immediately sitting before me as if he were an normal Caucasian guy.
   "Okay...but why are you here? I didn't summon you! I'm not that stupid!" I wailed and he laughed again.
   "Yes, that I can see...therefore I am restricted to your will. I daresay I am not fond of that." He mentioned as he drew his long nail up my thigh, and it was a combination of both pleasure and pain.
   "And what exactly does that mean?" I quipped swallowing hard as he continued to trace small patterns on my thigh with his extended nail.
   "Because you...did not summon me...I can only do what "you" will. I cannot be my usual self." He stated, brought his hand up to my left breast, caressed it, then pinched my nipple. I moaned, then shivered just a bit as I suddenly saw what appeared to be fire behind his eyes.
His grin grew, then suddenly turned into a frown.
   "And I can see by your reaction that you would have been most receptive." He sighed, then looked me in the eyes and I felt that same shiver.
   "Oh well...there is always this." He shrugged, snatched me towards him, jerked off my undies in one movement; and this time I did scream as he buried his face in my cunt.
"Motherfuckenhell!" I screamed in pleasure, because I had never...and I mean never felt a mouth as hot as his!

   "I take it you like this?" He questioned, and all I could do was gasp for breath as he slipped three of his fingers into my extremely wet hot cunt as he sopped it up like he was a dying man.
   He rotated his tongue, sucked my clit into his mouth, and the breath I'd been holding escaped me on a scream as his fingers continued to fuck me.
His tongue surged forward inside of me and my breath caught as he curled it up under the tip of my clit and that was all she wrote for me. I came harder than I had ever in my entire life screaming fuck in succession.
   As I lay there panting he wiped his mouth, grinned down on me, then stepped back.
   "That do ye say...ah yes a freebie."
   "Mea...ning." I panted looking up at him as he suddenly leaned in so that we were eye to eye. He was so close that I was unable to draw back.
   "It was my gift to you...however...there is a price."
   "And that is?" I countered frowning.
   "You are not this or me right now. However, if at any think about this..." His grin grew as he waved his hand around the room, then seized the biggest...and I mean biggest cock that I had ever seen between a man's legs grinning. "You then become obligated to me...and my will." He stated, and I would swear I saw that fire behind his eyes again.

   "So let me get this straight. I can have this..." I pointed between my legs as they continued to shake and he nodded. "For as long as I want, whenever I want, and am not obligated by it." I questioned.
   "Yes, I will come each night...give you this tongue as you wish...yet the moment ye imagine my cock fucking then belong to me." He confirmed and I frowned confused.
   "Okay, but that makes no sense. I can think about your tongue fucking me all I want, but the minute I think about that big ass shlong of yours...I belong to you? And what does that mean exactly...I belong to you. As in my soul?" I cried, he laughed, then shook his head.
   "No...I am not that kind of demon..."
   "Demon!" I screeched again and he chuckled.
   "I had assumed the red skin would have made it quite evident sweetheart."
   "Fine, anyway explain. I know ye demons can be quite crafty. " I countered mocking him, and I would swear that a fleeting look of pain crossed his features.
   "Very well, ye can have my tongue anytime you wish. Whether it be night or day. Actually anywhere ye wish, it is your will that shall make it so. I am your servant. However, the moment ye imagine my cock fucking ye, being inside of ye, ye riding it, sucking it, the way it feels to glide inside of ye, the ridges, the sheer magnitude of it fucking ye breathless..." 
He paused grinning as I closed my eyes, my body began to tingle, and my hand ached to touch my swollen clit. 

I shook myself, then snapped out of it.

I see how he worked now!
Just like I thought...tricky bastard.

I frowned and his grin grew wider as he shrugged.
   "Anyway...what happens if I do?"
   "You belong to me." He stated and again I saw that fucking fire!
   "You've said that. And that means?" I snapped, he smiled this time, and it didn't seem so sinister.
He sat down on the bed, caressed the side of my face, then gently kissed my lips.
   "I get to do as I will." He suddenly hissed, his fingers tightened in my hair, and the kiss he gave me took my breath away as it burned my lips.
   " to sleep with you." He grinned, gave me a quick kiss, then disappeared.

I looked around my bedroom and nothing was changed.

The room was the same, I was the same, but it was still somehow different.

   "What the fuck have they done!"
I moaned, then threw myself back on the bed.

There was no way in hell I wouldn't think about his...

   "Oh no you don't!" I yelled and could have sworn I heard laughter. "Asshole!" I grumbled, then commence to snuggle down into the comforter and think about my little ponies.
   "Awe, you're no fun." He chuckled, but I tuned him out willing myself to sleep.