Sunday, November 20, 2016

Din of Sin...

After Dark Series... Some Like it Fiya!

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Just a few updates.

Aurele is finished with Demon Says...and that fucking book was amazing. It took my sexy ass bf being there for me to finish this book, because all I wanted to do was get done; so be careful ladies if you aren't dating anyone, you may run Harvey's batteries out!

 thought we'd put out a new snippet from Den of Sin.
Aurele is almost done with I thought we'd stick up some juicy sexy ass fucking parts.
I can't wait to read this book!

I'm telling you...if it's anything like Demon Says...I'll probably need a case of batteries for when Jeff can't make it to my house because of class.

So, here's the snippet she sent me from 
Din tou Sin; Den of Sin

   As I entered his office on Monday morning, he had a very strange look on his face. The scruff from his weekend made him look even more strong virile man, and I wanted him to fuck me right there.
   I had forgone the weekend's excursion with the girls, having said that I wouldn't do it again since I found out that I actually worked for him.
I took a deep breath, then sighed as he pointed to the desk with the computer already set up on it; spread sheets and documents next to it.
    "Please be seated." He commanded and I nodded.
As I was about to take a seat he spoke.
    "Please remove your jacket, then open the first three buttons of your blouse." He demanded, I paused to look at him wide-eyed as if this was a joke; however he was frowning and the look was dead ass serious.
   I opened my mouth to protest, he looked at the phone, then glared at me all the more. I glared right back, hating the fact that he had the most amazing grey-blue eyes I had ever seen; even if he was an asshole!
    " may now take your seat." He stated, I sighed because not only was my bra showing, but an extreme amount of cleavage as well.
   He gave me that to die for grin as he pulled his chair up right in front of the glass desk.
 He then commenced to go around the office closing the blinds, and my brow rose in suspicion. When I heard the click of the lock on his office door, I felt my heartbeat speed up.
He striped off his slacks, unbuttoned his shirt, then took a seat in the chair across from me; all the while I was attempting to close my mouth.
    "Sir, this is highly..."
    "What...inappropriate? Here at Keller & Keller...I say what is inappropriate...or not. Now, the documents before you must go to the Secretary of State concerning our military contracts. It must be 100% correct, no typos, flaws or diction that may imply something other than what we specifically mean. For the very reason that typos can lead to many a fuck up with the military, something the American people do not want I assure they must be nearly verbatim." He stated, and I nodded a bit wide-eyed as he removed his shirt.
     "You may begin." He commanded, and I nodded as I began typing what was on the contract onto the computer screen.
After several minutes of typing, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked up, then gasped both wide-eyed and open mouth.
   There before me was his glorious cock stretching up, bouncing as if it were seeking applauds all on its own. He was in the process of stroking it into an erection, and my mouth dropped wider than I'm sure it had ever been.
     "Each time you look at must remove an article of clothing. I will have your blouse." He stated half grinning, then stood, and I don't think I had ever seen a shlong that fucking huge in my entire life!
He walked to the desk, then held his hand out motioning for me to rise. I frowned, but at the same time stifled the sigh of excitement as I rose to comply.
    I removed the blouse, he caressed my nipple through the fabric of the bra grinning slightly at my reaction, then he sucked his teeth as he saw the chemise. He frowned as he walked behind me.
    He looked at the computer screen, frowned again, then slightly shoved me forward to bend me over the desk.
I gasped as I felt my skirt rise, then the sting of his hand against my bare ass.
    "And for each mistake you make...I am allowed to punish you." He hissed, as he bent and licked his hand print.
I drew up completely mortified, huffed around to face him, wanting to slap that smug look off his face.
    "I never..."
    "Actually you did." He grinned even wider as he walked to his desk, retrieved the contract I'd sighed to work for Keller & Keller, and I gasped as I read the highlighted portion agreeing to any and all things that pertained to Jacob Keller both during and after business hours for an added $50,000 thousand bonus fee.
Fucking Shiza!
My brain cried as I sat down in my chair completely stunned, but as he moved to stand in front of my chair again; I felt the wetness between my thighs scream that I was fooling myself if I thought I could resist the sexiness of this man.
     "Shall we continue?" He grinned, I frowned, then nodded.
What else could I do?
It wasn't like I could say no!
   From that fucking contract not only could he sue me, but he could make it so I would never work in this field again!
I sighed as I watched him lightly stroke himself grinning up at me.
I would never in a million years let his pompous ass know that I seriously wanted him to bend me over the desk and fuck me right now.
   He resumed the seat before me, motioned towards the files, I nodded, then attempted in my best effort not to watch him jerk himself off in front of me.
The fucked up part though, this was one of my bucket list challenges!
I have always wanted to intently watch a man masturbate in front of me...and here I fucking couldn't!
I glanced up... his grin widened...and I quickly drew my eyes back to the page licking my lips.
His breathing was a complete fucking turn on.
   The killing part...was the fact that he whispered my name as he stroked himself, and that was my true test of ability.
I can do this!
   I screamed to myself as I saw that he was now at a crescendo in breathing.
His moans caused me to cross my legs, bit my lip...and nearly close my eyes just to keep that weighted aching feeling between my thighs at bay.
Concentrate Sed!
You got this!
   I yelled at myself as his breathing became erratic to match my own as well as my typing.
"Ahhh fucking shit!" He yelled as he came, and I swear my breathing stopped with his.
I placed my hands in my lap, then tried to control my own breathing before he noticed it.
He rose, tidied himself up, then slipped on his slacks and shoes.
I averted my eyes as he re-buttoned his shirt, then tucked it in after he fixed his tie.
   He waked to the desk, then read the document over my shoulder. He sucked on his teeth again, then motioned for me to rise.
    "You have great concentration Ised, which is a complete fucking turn on...however I've found three mistakes." He breathed into my ear, and my entire body tingled.
    "And what happens now?" My voice trembled as he drew his hand towards the small of my back.
   " must be punished of course." He grinned against my cheek, then bent me forward over the desk again. He lifted my skirt, his hand came down twice, and I gasped as the fire from the sting of his hand ran up my spine.
He ran his hand up my ass cheek, causing the stinging spot to take on a different sensation; as he drew his clothed hips against my stinging skin.
He sighed, allowed me to straightened, then moved away from me.
    "You may returned to your desk. I'll call if I find anymore errors. As well as...well I owe you for the one." He winked grinning, I sighed, then left his office hornier than I had ever been in my fucking life....