Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is up my ladies!!!

After Dark Series... 
Some Like it Fiya!

Hey my ladies Jenny IIP here with just a small update...

Both new titles are available as of Jan 2nd. I'm so excited about them, because this time she attempted to allow the inner freak to shine through lol. And boy am I telling you...that shit is fiya!
I really didn't know that prim lil proper Aurie had it in her lol.
But it's a guaranteed sexy hot read ladies!


if you get a chance too...check them out @ Each book is only $1.99ct...and I just feel that you can't beat that with a stick! Lol.

As we speak she's working on;

She Fucks like a Man

Like a Lollipop & Ragin Fire.

She hopes to have a release date soon, so stay tuned for blurbs and snippets.

Don't forget all six books are now on all for $1.99

Take it Like a Woman

That's the Way She Likes It!
That's the Way He Likes It!
Demon Says...
She Said F@$k It
Din Tou Sin: Den of Sin

Hope you have an awesome Day!
Jenny out! ;)

PS. let us know if we have some actual guys out there, Aurie would love to hear from you. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Tasha here y'all

Ogmg! I fucking loved Den of Sin!
That was a sexy ass read! You doing it girl!
I needed some serious d after I read it.